Benefit from guided mindfulness programs in the comfort of your own home or preferred location. Align your body and breath, and your practice needs with your schedule.

Online coaching via Zoom has continuously proven to work very well for all ages.

Enjoy individual guidance for yourself or your little one(s) in the comfort of your own home.

Online sessions can go anywhere from guided meditations, Wri-Treat follow-ups to an 8-week-mindfulness training for children, teens or adults and much more.

One-on-one and small group sessions are possible. All sessions can be run bilingually in English and/ or German.

We will find a format that best fits your individual, group’s or family’s needs. Please refer to our workshops section for more information on courses and topics, and feel free to get in touch with us.


"The true presence, compassion and honesty with which Sabine guides me through our online sessions have repeatedly supported me in seeing things form a different perspective. I am very grateful for this and the fact that we can meet location independently."

Mathis, Germany 20 March, 2016

"The program is helping my daughter slow down her thoughts and be more present. She is super enthusiastic about her sessions and happy to show me her follow-up mindfulness activities. After her very first class she came to us with a snow globe in her hands, showing us with excitement how she has so many ‘swirling ideas’ and how she can ‘see them better when they are resting’ a bit."

Veronica, USA Mom of a 9-year-old, teacher 20 March, 2016

"After participating in one of Sabine’s Yoga Wri-Treats, I am now taking online mindfulness classes with her, which enables me to stay on track with my practice. I love the guidance and the fact that we can discuss my experience afterwards. For me, a great way of staying on the path of exploring what really matters to me in life."

YASMINA, Spain 20 March, 2016

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