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The PAUSE Project offers mindfulness & yoga trainings & workshops for schools.



MINDFULNESS 101 – Get Yourself Started

This professional development workshop is a good introduction for educators.

It gives an overview of mindfulness in education, and a first taste of how various exercises can help teachers manage their own stress & establish a more mindful classroom atmosphere.

This is what we will cover:

• The basics of mindfulness practice & a smidgen of brain science.

• Benefits on our overall well-being.

• Benefits for students: interaction & cognitive performance.

• Hands-on activities for yourself and your classroom.

MINDFULNESS 360º – Making a kindful classroom

Depending on your needs as an institution, The PAUSE Project offers customizable trainings and continuing support in bringing mindfulness & kindness to your school.

Please contact us to discuss how we can best meet your needs.



The PAUSE Project offers in-class mindfulness training that will establish a consistent mindfulness practice for students.

During the 8 (-12) week program, short, bite-sized lessons (of about 20 minutes length) will provide participants with easy-to-apply and hands-on mindfulness practice techniques and compassion exercises. Lessons on gratitude and kindness contribute to healthier self-perception and interactions with others.

A regular practice can help students build emotional regulation, empathy and focus.

It has been linked to reduced symptoms of toxic stress, such as anxiety and depression, increased cognitive performance, and an overall heightened wellbeing.


The program is partially based on the Mindful Schools curriculum, including lessons on mindful listening, breathing, eating, thoughts and emotions, incorporating movement, creative work and specific sessions on how to deal with test anxiety.

A few sessions with the classroom teacher will support the growing of a mindful & kind classroom culture.

Trainings and workshop formats can be tailored to your school’s needsPlease contact us to inquire about the format that is most suitable for your school. Note that all services can be delivered bilingually in English and/or German.
Empower your students!

Mindfulness is a tool for student empowerment – giving them more control over their own thought and feeling processes. It is not intended as a behavior modification technique or a disciplinary tool.


Drama Techniques & Mindfulness in the Language Classroom

Implementing drama techniques into the language classroom is a powerful tool to break down inhibitions, raise self-awareness & encourage interpersonal communication in the target language.

Note that these techniques can also be applied in any other teaching context aiming at student empowerment and teambuilding.

The PAUSE Project offers workshops for both teachers and students.




In this interactive workshop you will learn some theoretical background information, and get heaps of hands-on playtime.

Learn about various drama techniques and their application in a language learning context, and delve into the practice yourself.

Explore the benefits of theater games and mindful communication strategies by traveling into the space around you and within you.

You will leave with plenty of fun and easily applicable ideas for your own teaching.


Students explore language on a holistic rather than a cognitive level.

This workshop explores all aspects of communication – verbal and non-verbal – seeking to break learners’ inhibitions to communicate in the target language, and showing them ways to unlock communicative strategies beyond spoken or written text.

The combination of drama techniques, warm-up games and mindfulness exercises offers a fun and safe place for teambuilding and learning.



In this creative writing workshop students will explore the benefits of simple mindfulness practices for their writing. Being more aware of both the world around them and the world within, writers can approach narration differently. They will find access to a more observant, focused & detailed perception of the moment-to-moment experience.

For older students, fun exercises will help tap into their inner voice, enabling them not only to write more creatively, but also to connect more deeply with their emotional world. This can be especially helpful for teenage participants in finding direction and in making decisions.

Please get in touch with us about the approach that best fits your age group. 



The PAUSE Project offers yoga classes for students and staff. Please contact us for details.



"The kids loved their weekly yoga and mindfulness practice. As soon as they saw Sabine in the morning, some of the little ones ran to grab their yoga mats. I really see that children and teens need regular mindfulness practice to find balance these days. And it really doesn’t take away much of your classroom time at all. It is so easy to blend into your lessons, and it helps the kids to be more centered. I just love it!"

LISE, USA Homeschool center owner & director, Thailand 24 March, 2016

"What I was particularly impressed with regarding Ms. Kunst’s work, was the aspect of sustainability she managed to give the training. The teachers like the classroom  ideas and materials they were given very much, because they help them to keep implementing mindfulness practice in their daily classroom routines."

ULRICH ERFORT, GERMANY Headmaster, Christian German School, Chiang Mai/Thailand 24 March, 2016

"The mindfulness training with my 4th graders has shown its positive effects even after a short introductory period of a few weeks. Some students reported that they would close their eyes and do mindful listening or a brief body scan in stressful situations. This would make them feel calmer afterwards, and, performed at nighttime, it made it easier for them to fall asleep. One child proudly reported that he was eating his praline box mindfully, letting the chocolates slowly melt in his mouth, so he would get the most out of the sweets."

Bea Primary school teacher 24 March, 2016

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