INTO PAUSE offers mindfulness workshops & training sessions for organizations, individuals, families, teens & children – both in person and online.

Instead of running on auto pilot and letting life pass you by, mindfulness is intentionally living in the moment. There is a set of research-based techniques available to systematically develop and maintain a moment-to-moment awareness of our thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations and the environment that surrounds us.



Planting Seeds: Mindfulness 101

A First Taste of Mindfulness, mini-workshop

The main objective of this workshop is to introduce you to some of the basics of mindfulness.

You will learn:

• What mindfulness practice does with your brain

• How to work with breathing

• The benefits of a regular practice on your health & overall well-being

This course is ideal for participants who would like to get a first taste of mindfulness. Learn and see what mindfulness is about by approaching some theoretic background and with hands-on practice. This is a good starter for anyone who is curious & wants to dip their toes into some basic practice.

Getting Real: Foundations of Mindfulness

Moving Towards Implementing Mindfulness in your Life

The main objective of this workshop is for you to have the tools necessary to continue your mindfulness practice after the course.

You will learn:

• The basics of mindfulness practice

• Techniques for coping with thoughts & emotions

• Impulses to invite gratitude, compassion & kindness into your life

• The importance of mindfulness in interpersonal communication

• Ideas & techniques for a regular daily practice

This course is geared toward individuals who would like to develop a regular mindfulness practice for themselves.

Delving Deeper – Special Topic Course

These special topic courses offer a deeper and fuller exploration of certain aspects of mindfulness. They are suitable for participants that already have a foundation in mindfulness practice.

Special Topics are: Compassion, Mindful Communication, Emotions, Mindful Eating, Exploration of Breath, Thoughts and more

Note: Special Topics in the Educational Field please refer to The Pause Project.


Push that Pause Button

Mindfulness Workshops for Teens 12-14, 15-17 & 18+

In this workshop, young people will explore mindfulness as a tool to reduce stress and regulate their emotions. They will also learn how to easily implement a light practice into their daily routines. We will approach some brain science, and learn more about gratitude & compassion as vital tools to successfully navigate through life.


Kindful Ninjas – Moving Into Pause. Ninja-style.

Mindfulness & Kindness Workshops for Kids 5-7 & 8-11

In this workshop children will make first contact with mindfulness in a fun and creative way. The benefits of our breath and the soothing qualities of a quiet mind will be explored through movement and play. Kindness and compassion exercises always included. Mindful. Kindful. Ninja-Style.

Please note: Mindfulness training is not used as a disciplinary measure to quiet children. It is a tool for more wellbeing & happiness FOR the child.

Please contact us about the format and length of the training that best fits your child’s or group’s needs.


INTO PAUSE offers mindfulness courses for children and their parent(s). Please get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more about our offers.


"I think mindful eating resonated most with my 7 year-old son who has multiple food allergies.  At lunch one day he told me that his quinoa had traveled a long way to get to his plate.  His awareness of the food he intakes has evolved to a whole new level.  I find that he is often practicing mindfulness while eating.

My 10-year old daughter who often felt anxious about future events learned how to be present.  After her last session she told me that she noticed when she was being distracted by future thoughts and couldn’t focus and how she had to work hard at being in the moment.  I found this awareness extraordinary."

PAT BROWN, Canada Mother of two - 7 & 10 years old, Family Program 26 March, 2016

"My kids and I dedicated 6 Sunday mornings to the classes and toward the end we found ourselves hungering for more."

mom Family Program 26 March, 2016


"A seed toward a lifelong journey of self-awareness has been planted and for that I am forever grateful."

mom Family Program 26 March, 2016


"Mindful breathing calms my mind and lets me focus."

Sofia, 10 years old Family Program 26 March, 2016

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