Yoga Wri-Treats are a fusion of asana, mindfulness practice and writing to allow participants to re-connect with their inner voice.

Many of us experience that our days are often controlled by agendas other than our own. The needs of our workplace, family, and loved ones keep us so tightly wrapped up in to-do-lists and chores that our own desires no longer find room to unfold. As such we suffer under the consequences of stagnation, auto pilot mode and a lack of creative self-nourishment. The external voices are calling so loudly that our inner voice is no longer heard.

Yoga Wri-Treats provide a safe space to unwind and release stress and false perceptions about our lives.

Participants are encouraged to retreat into stillness and listen within. We tap into our inner voice and remember to trust our intuition, drawing new perspectives and inspiration form a space of deep innate wisdom.

“This retreat allowed me to experience bliss, reminded me to love and embrace my own true being and offered delightful yoga asana practices, too.”

A fresh mix of yoga, mindfulness and various writing practices supports this process. It creates an opportunity to shift from mere head-based reasoning toward a holistic approach of creative problem solving – integrating mind, body and inner voice.

Please contact us for more details on Yoga Wri-Treat contents and formats.

Note that content can be delivered bilingually in English and/ or German.

“The Yoga Wri-Treat got me back into a writing routine. Even months later I find myself doing daily morning writing as a way to tap into my inner voice.”
“I was able to connect to myself and others in a peaceful setting.”


"The Yoga Wri-Treat was so nourishing for me. As a teacher it is important for me to take time to myself to rekindle the fire and work with more joy and understanding. Sabine is a knowledgeable mindful educator and was able to share ideas that I took to the classroom and most importantly she shared enthusiasm for bringing mindfulness to kids!"

Cada, USA 20 March, 2016

"The workshop was just what I needed! I remember arriving a bit unbalanced and scatter-brained. All I wanted was to unwind and spend some time with myself and in the presence of inspiring people to hopefully find some inspiration and maybe look into a new direction…. And I did! After three days I left feeling fresh, uplifted and very inspired, with lots of new tools I can now use to break away from dull daily routines and be more connected with myself. Thanks for all the yoga, meditation and writing techniques!"

YVONNE, Germany 20 March, 2016

“I am very grateful for this weekend retreat. Gentle guided meditations, tactile creative expression, powerful and nurturing yoga – all wrapped up in Sabine’s genuine, deeply wise, nurturing energy. I experienced greater self-love and acceptance, a quiet mind, and inspiration to continue writing and expressing myself straight from my heart.”

ABIGAIL, USA 20 March, 2016

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